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Cultivate Your Curiosity – People Who Are Curious (Part 1)

people who are curious

Who are the curious ones?

Anthony Robbins, the world renowned success guru suggested that as long as we are genuinely curious, nothing is ever boring.

More than a remedy for boredom, curiosity is a great lens of which we see the world of inspiration.

People Who Are Curious

People who are curious have an added dimension to their lives. They tend to see the world much more differently and have richer experiences and appreciation for everything around them – the places, people, adventures.

People who are curious have an amazing appetite for knowledge, engages in learning activities for the sheer delight of the activities themselves. They like to connect the dots to make sense of things, immersing themselves in the vast interconnected Universe.

People who are curious tend to question a lot. They do not usually take things at face value, always going deeper to uncover the underlying issue. They want to get to the root of things.

People who are curious has better vision. They can view the same issue from different angles, better perspectives and are more open-minded.

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S.C.O.R.E. Big In The Second Half – It Ain’t Over Yet! (Part 2)

S.C.O.R.E. Big

Just hours after I published my previous post, S.C.O.R.E. Big In The Second Half – It Ain’t Over Yet! (Part 1), Brazil was humiliated by Germany in the World Cup and the game was as good as over at half-time. How ironic is that! I believe that no match is considered lost in the first […]


S.C.O.R.E. Big in the Second Half – It Ain’t Over Yet! (Part 1)

S.C.O.R.E. Big Goal

This is from a talk I gave yesterday for a top Insurance agency – a group of high performers. The talk is to encourage them to press on for the second half of 2014. Now I’m writing it down here for this post (there will be 2 parts). The title is partly inspired by the ongoing […]


Give Yourself Permission…

give yourself permission

I woke up this morning and had a little conversation with myself. I can be a little hard on myself sometimes. I told myself I can have the permission to do many things. I let it be okay. Likewise, have you been a little hard on yourself? It’s okay. Give yourself the permissions…. Give Yourself […]


Your Outlook Determines Your Outcome

Your outlook determines your outcome

“Men are not disturbed by events but the views which they take of them.” ~ Epictetus What’s your perspective on the world, your life, your work and everything else? How you view the world is central to how you experience it. Your worldview determines what you make of the world and how you feel about […]


Developing Toughness To Face Anything

Developing toughness to face anything

There was an experiment done in the past where they grew similar trees under two separate conditions. The first is a simulated, “ideal”, well-protected indoor environment, and the second is the harsh, natural, outdoor environment. Under the first condition, the plants grew fast and tall, but when placed out in the harsh conditions, they could not withstand […]


The Greatest Misunderstanding on Happiness

misunderstanding of happiness

One of the greatest misunderstandings in life is this….that happiness is something to be pursued – Happiness is conditional, and you have to go out there to get it. Well, that is one way of living and I would not judge anyone who live by that philosophy (yes, I understand that it’s also part of […]


High Performance – Why People Struggle To Be At Their Best (Part 2)

high performance

In my previous post in Part 1, I introduced what is performance, inside-out performance vs outside-in, the 3 startling observations on performers, what hinders high performance and the nature of interference (external and internal). If we can identify and remove our internal interferences, we would release the brake and boost our performance. In this post, […]


High Performance – Why People Struggle To Be At Their Best (Part 1)

high performance

What Is Performance? The basic definition of performance is the act or process of performing a task or function. We ‘perform’ in all areas of life. For the context of this post, we want to talk about performances that matter. For me, the first thing that came to my mind when the word performance is mentioned is a stage. […]