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Power Shift: Changing Your Inner Stance Towards Success (Part 3)

Power Shift - Changing Your Inner Stance towards Success

This is the third part, a continuation from my previous posts, Power Shift: Changing Your Inner Stance Towards Success (Part 1) and (Part 2).

Again, read Part 1 if you haven’t, to get familiarized with the concepts of inner stances and distinctions. Today’s ‘Power Shift’ distinctions are grouped under a common theme – Taking ACTION.

Perfect Conditions vs Decisive Actions

‘Perfect Conditions’ means you’re waiting for all the right conditions to be met before starting to move towards your goal. You wait to muster more courage, hoping for your doubts and fears to somehow disappear. You wait for all the unknown variables to be solved and then you’d feel comfortable to step out into the great journey.

The Universe rewards the doer, those who take ‘Decisive Actions’. Fear or no fear, you can start by taking baby steps. You don’t have to focus on getting more courage or confidence. Courage increases as you advance forward each time.

Take intelligent risks, take bold steps, take the leap of faith. Don’t wait for all the perfect conditions to be present before you move. Sure, you will make mistakes and accidents may happen. However, the cost of inaction is often greater than the cost of mistakes and mishaps.

Give yourself the permission to not operate from the ‘Perfect Conditions’ stance, and live from the place of ‘Decisive Actions’.

[Tweet “”So many people tiptoe through life, so carefully, to arrive, at death.” ~ Tony Campolo. “]

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10 life changing questions 3d cover 2 Power Shift: Changing Your Inner Stance Towards Success (Part 3)

Are you asking the right questions that will change your life?

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Coaching Story: The Gardener and God (You’re A Miracle Worker)

Coaching Story: The Gardener and God (You're a Miracle Worker)

We’re miracle workers. We can turn nothing into something – convert low value materials into high value products, convert pennies into pounds, turn opportunities into profits, transform adversities into advantages, create wealth even during recessions. With the miracle of the seeds, water and sunshine, we can turn a wasteland into the most beautiful garden. It’s our birthright and […]


Coaching Story: The Answer Is In The Questions (An Important Day For Eaglets)

coaching story: the answer is in the questions

Often times, we coaches do not tell the answers outright during the coaching sessions although they are obvious. We may reply with more questions instead of an answer. It’s not because we are trying to play the philosopher’s games or trying to prolong the coaching process (and earn more coaching fees!). It’s because certain insights […]


Power Shift: Changing Your Inner Stance Towards Success (Part 2)

power shift: changing inner stance towards success

This is the second part, a follow up to my previous post, Power Shift: Changing Your Inner Stance Towards Success (Part 1). If you haven’t read that, I’d encourage you to read it first, especially on the concepts of distinctions and inner stances, to get the most out of this post. Lets continue on with more distinctions, […]


Power Shift: Changing Your Inner Stance Towards Success (Part 1)

power shifts: changing your inner stance towards success

I had a good fortune of making contact with Steve Hardison aka ‘The Ultimate Coach‘ on social media over a month ago, who graciously shared with me some of his powerful knowledge in coaching, and freely gave me some e-books. While he doesn’t write his own books, he has a number of clients who wrote about […]


Do What You Already Know (Why We Don’t Listen To Our Own Advice)

do what you already know

Many people pay top dollars to enter into a room with a coach, and came out with this big insight: “I’ve known the answer all along. The solution’s right under my nose all these while!” Many coachees would normally go in with the expectation of learning new strategies and tactics for their business or life, and what […]


Coaching Story: You Get What You Expect

you get what you expect - coaching story

Here’s a story I heard a coach shared many years ago. As I read it again, I’m reminded by how we made up the meanings to the experiences we have, and we usually find what we’re looking for. You get what you expect, wherever you go.   Once there was a man leaving his village […]


Live In The Present Moment – Create Your Future Now

live in the present moment

Many people have a good idea of what their desired future should be, and are always getting ready for that future. That’s it, all they ever do is getting ready and before they know it, time runs out and they never get to truly live. Like them, have you been getting ready to live instead of […]


Dealing With Losses

dealing with losses

Less than a week ago, my house was broken in by burglars while my wife and I were out. We lost some stuffs and it was a frustrating experience, but the ‘Coach’ in me saw a different point of view from the unpleasant incident. Viktor Frankl said that we should not ask what the meaning […]