The Inner Facebook Feed (Your Pervasive Reality)

inner facebook feed, your pervasive reality

Many people experience social media feeds as their reality, although the world out there may be quite different entirely. People get caught up and emotional by what they see on their news feed, events that may not be based on true facts. For … [Read more]

Coaching Story: The Grand Canyon Story

coaching story: the Grand Canyon story

The following story was told by Peg Neuhauser, the American anthropologist, illustrating how some of us can be quite rigid in the way we hold on and defend our worldviews. Nevertheless, change is always possible. The Grand Canyon Story My … [Read more]

The Place To Create Your Best Work From

place to create your best work from

Where do you usually create your best work from? Individuals perceive the question at different levels. A common place to start is of course the physical location of your work. Some people have the freedom and flexibility to bring their work to … [Read more]

Information That Leads To Transformation

information that leads to transformation

"We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover within themselves." ~ Galileo Galilei That is a burden in my heart to share principles that I believe would make a profound impact to people's lives. Principles that changed my life, … [Read more]

Overcoming Fear (Get Out Of The Future)

overcoming fear get out of the future

How would you like to learn about overcoming your deepest fears, silencing the inner voice of anxiety that keeps chattering away? Do you need to possess rock-solid courage and boldness? Maybe, but I would recommend an alternate way. When we … [Read more]

Coaching Story: “This Too Shall Pass”

Coaching story: This too shall pass

Have you struggled with really awful experiences and wished they would quickly pass? Or cursed your strings of bad luck and wondered when the bad streak will ever end? What about the other end - have you ever let a great victory get into your head … [Read more]

Lift Your Mood For Better Performances

life your mood for better performances

All of us have experienced high and low moods throughout our lives. When we feel low, everything seems harder and less inspiring - we tend to take every little thing more seriously than necessary. When we feel high, nothing seems to be impossible, we … [Read more]