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Live In The Present Moment – Create Your Future Now

live in the present moment

Many people have a good idea of what their desired future should be, and are always getting ready for that future. That’s it, all they ever do is getting ready and before they know it, time runs out and they never get to truly live.

Like them, have you been getting ready to live instead of living right now?

It’s important to wake up to the choices that we all have: the choice of getting ready to live (live in the future) or the choice to live in the present moment. This is a common misunderstanding of goal-setting some times, that we’re so caught up in the goals and plans themselves and that get in the way of our living in the present.

Let’s consider a simple metaphor. You may have an excellent road map of a beautiful place you’re visiting, but you don’t want to stare at the map the whole time. Instead, you want to enjoy the journey and the wonderful experience of the sights and sound of the trip. The purpose of the map is so that you won’t get lost of your position and you know exactly how to get there. This knowledge and confidence of getting there allow you to enjoy the trip of getting there.

So the map is good, the goal-setting is good, the plans are all good, but once you have a look at them, you put them aside so you can live in the present moment. Because if you’re obsessed with the future, you won’t enjoy the present moment. If you’re so obsessed with the destination, you won’t fully experience the journey.

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Dealing With Losses

dealing with losses

Less than a week ago, my house was broken in by burglars while my wife and I were out. We lost some stuffs and it was a frustrating experience, but the ‘Coach’ in me saw a different point of view from the unpleasant incident. Viktor Frankl said that we should not ask what the meaning […]


Cultivate Your Curiosity – Get Out Of Your Own Way (Part 2)

Cultivate Your Curiosity - Get Out Of Your Own Way

In Part 1, I wrote about the nature of those who are curious, and at the end of it I asked “Who are the curious ones? Are you one of them?” That was a trick question. You see, everyone of us was born curious – that was how we learn to see and make sense […]


Cultivate Your Curiosity – People Who Are Curious (Part 1)

people who are curious

Who are the curious ones? Anthony Robbins, the world renowned success guru suggested that as long as we are genuinely curious, nothing is ever boring. More than a remedy for boredom, curiosity is a great lens of which we see the world of inspiration. People Who Are Curious People who are curious have an added […]


S.C.O.R.E. Big In The Second Half – It Ain’t Over Yet! (Part 2)

S.C.O.R.E. Big

Just hours after I published my previous post, S.C.O.R.E. Big In The Second Half – It Ain’t Over Yet! (Part 1), Brazil was humiliated by Germany in the World Cup and the game was as good as over at half-time. How ironic is that! I believe that no match is considered lost in the first […]


S.C.O.R.E. Big in the Second Half – It Ain’t Over Yet! (Part 1)

S.C.O.R.E. Big Goal

This is from a talk I gave yesterday for a top Insurance agency – a group of high performers. The talk is to encourage them to press on for the second half of 2014. Now I’m writing it down here for this post (there will be 2 parts). The title is partly inspired by the ongoing […]


Give Yourself Permission…

give yourself permission

I woke up this morning and had a little conversation with myself. I can be a little hard on myself sometimes. I told myself I can have the permission to do many things. I let it be okay. Likewise, have you been a little hard on yourself? It’s okay. Give yourself the permissions…. Give Yourself […]


Your Outlook Determines Your Outcome

Your outlook determines your outcome

“Men are not disturbed by events but the views which they take of them.” ~ EpictetusClick To TweetPowered By CoSchedule What’s your perspective on the world, your life, your work and everything else? How you view the world is central to how you experience it. Your worldview determines what you make of the world and […]


Developing Toughness To Face Anything

Developing toughness to face anything

There was an experiment done in the past where they grew similar trees under two separate conditions. The first is a simulated, “ideal”, well-protected indoor environment, and the second is the harsh, natural, outdoor environment. Under the first condition, the plants grew fast and tall, but when placed out in the harsh conditions, they could not withstand […]