The Aliveness Questionnaire

Aliveness Qustionnaire

In my previous post Set Goals That Make You Come Alive, I wrote about setting goals with compelling purpose that inspire you, that makes you come alive.

Here I’ve a simple questionnaire to gauge your ‘Aliveness level’. The purpose of these questions is to help you ‘check in’ with yourself and reflect on how you’re doing in your journey. In the midst of our busy modern lifestyle, it’s good to pause and take time to ponder on what matters most.

While these questions are more close-ended for easy scoring and tracking purposes, it’ll be good to be aware of what’s going on inside you and take note of how you feel as you read them. It’ll be great and useful to write down and journal your thoughts on these questions and personal progress as days, months, years go by. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how far you’ve walked in your journey of self-growth.

Here goes.

 The Aliveness Questionnaire

1. Do I feel a sense of fulfillment in my life?

2. Do I feel a sense of balance in my life?

3. Am I going after my dreams?

4. Am I enjoying the energy of optimum health daily?

5. Do I have moments of hearty laughter regularly?

6. Do I have my own quiet moment of solitude regularly?

7. Do I enjoy regular recreation times that re-create me?

8. Do I have at least two nurturing people in my life?

9. Do I feel that my life matters?

10. Do I have spiritual practice in my life?

11. Do I feel deep engagement in my daily activities?

12. Do I go to bed most nights feeling that the day was a well-lived day?

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