Setting Your Life Priorities Right

priorities list Setting Your Life Priorities Right

There is not much separating the people who are happy and fulfilled and those aren’t. One is knowing your life purpose and what is it that you want out of life; to have a vision and some aims in life. Most people stumble through their lives, too occupied in anxiety about their day-to-day existence to think about the bigger picture. Do you know what’s ultimately important to you? It’s been said that in life, nobody gets out of it alive. So the question is this: Do you know what you want to get out of life?

The other thing (which is the topic of this post) is identifying and setting your life priorities right. Let’s spend a little time thinking about what’s really important to you in work and life, shall we? Having more awareness of them will aid you to achieve the things that really matter. If you don’t know how much you want what you really want, how can you strive for it?

“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” ~ Stephen R Covey

Your List Of Priorities

The following is a pool of keywords representing work-life priorities that you may look for, in both your professional and personal life.

setting life priorities Setting Your Life Priorities Right


Your task is to take these keywords and identify your priorities (you may also use your own keywords or add any that’s not already there) in rank of importance to you.

Put the most important priorities at the top and the least at the bottom of your list. A good and easy way which I recommend to do this is to write each priority out on a fresh Post-It note, and to keep reordering the list until you are satisfied with the rankings.

You are not allowed to have tied rankings. Life is often about making trade-offs. There are only 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. As much as we might like to have it all, the reality is that we’re bound by the constraints of time, energy and resources.

If you want to pursue a higher income, would you trade off more leisure time? If you want more responsibility at work, how compatible is it with having more children?

Feel free to add, delete, modify the list up there. If there is something that is of particular importance for you to have it, just include it in there. Once you’re done, look through the ordering and ask yourself “Am I happy with my list?”

“We can no more afford to spend major time on minor things than we can to spend minor time on major things.” ~ Jim Rohn

Once you are happy with the ordering of your priorities list, you will have a better picture of what drives you in your work and life. This clearer self-awareness will allow you to make sharper decisions, and do less with the unnecessary stress to increase your overall satisfaction and fulfilment in life.

The ordering of rankings in your priorities list may change over time. For example, “Spirituality” may become increasingly more meaningful and significant to you as you grow older. Your current list is a snapshot of what you want in life right now and will serve as a compass in navigating your life.


10 life changing questions 3d cover 2 Setting Your Life Priorities Right

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  1. Harold Taylor says

    Good work on this well-written post. The Post-It tip is a good one, I’ve always done it just with a pen and paper but the Post-It method makes much more sense. Will give it a try!

  2. Debra Perry says

    I would also include “Setting up a home business”, “Keeping physical fitness”, “Daily meditation”, “Debt-free” into my own list. Thanks coach for this useful article!

  3. Christine Cox says

    I agree with Covey and Jim Rohn’s quotes. My kids are often unaware of spending major time on minor stuffs. I’ll have them read this and do the exercise too!

  4. says

    Time and energy constraints are so true. Resources always seem to come up short. Setting priorities are a must if you want to see progress. keep the articles coming.


  5. Nancy Bennett says

    Nice blog post on ordering my life priorities! I feel it’s time for me to face the truth and get things straight. Can’t describe how timely this is for me.

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